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The Lamy Screen a hybrid of a writing device and stylus is the perfect pen for anyone who needs to take both hand written notes, and digital notes on a mobile device,mobile phone or tablet.

The unique combination of both stylus and ballpoint pen ensures that you only need the one writing instrument. Many people prefer using a stylus with their mobile device. Using a stylus rather than just your finger ensures that you keep the same ease of control as you would using your finger without the inevitable deposit over time of dirt and grease on to the screen.

The Screen is available in four different colours, white, silver, blue or red, all of which are set against a contrasting black. Each Lamy Screen ballpoint pen includes a small logo on the barrel, that not only gives that unique Lamy touch but also guarantees your pen will not roll away.

A nice touch of the Lamy Screen is that both the stylus tip and pen tip both retract into the barrel of the pen with a simple twist.

These ballpoint pens take M22 refills, that are available in red and green as well as the usual blue and black.

If you’d like to purchase one of these pens. The Lamy Screen as well as the refills are available online from this website as well as from our retail store located in High Street, Shrewsbury.