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The tagline used by TWSBI fountain pen manufacturer, Ta Shin Precision, says all you need to know about TWSBI pens: ‘Inspired by writing’.

If you’re serious about writing or drawing or simply have a love of writing implements that glide effortlessly across pages and draw comments from strangers, TWSBI fountain pens should reside within your collection. The TWSBI brand came into being following Ta Shin Precision’s forty years as an OEM manufacturer for two global brands. This considerable experience has enabled the company to produce writing tools that mix high precision with timeless elegance. What sets TWSBI fountain pens apart from the rest is their use of pistons, rather than cartridges.

The high quality piston found in a TWSBI pen works with a plunger filler and requires the pleasingly traditional companion of an ink bottle come refill time. The lack of cartridges widens the choice of ink you can use but the piston/plunger setup is also something typically found at much higher price points. This makes TWSBI pens an attractive, affordable option for anyone who wants access to features usually found in much more expensive pens.

ECO Dark Sapphirecapon45


TWSBI Diamond Mini AL Grape Fountain Pen


TWSBI Swipe Ice Blue Closed


Twsbi 580 AL Diamond Iceberg Fountain Open


TWSBI Precision Black Mechanical Pencil


TWSBI Vac700r Fountain Pen Closed


TWSBI GO Sapphire Fountain Pen Closed


In our shop (both online and on the High Street of Shrewsbury) you’ll find a vast range of TWSBI pens UK writing and drawing enthusiasts will love. From the elegant ‘Classic’ to the stunning Diamond 580AL, you’ll find something to match your budget and taste. Although TWSBI are best known for the fountain pens, they also make mechanical pencils which are very popular with artists and designers.

The TWSBI precision mechanical pencil joins TWSBI notepads and ink bottles in a range of writing implements and accessories that should be in every enthusiast’s collection. TWSBI ink bottles are the perfect accompaniment to their piston-driven pens, and TWSBI notepads make any writing or drawing task an absolute joy. As a premier UK supplier of TWSBI pens UK consumers have come to rely on,

Write Here offers great prices and most comprehensive, friendly support you’ll find. If you want to buy TWSBI pens online or visit our helpful, knowledgeable team in Shrewsbury, you can be assured of an attentive, pressure-free service. We love writing, drawing and using the best tools to do so. We’ve long admired TWSBI’s desire to create the best writing implements at unbelievable prices, and are proud to have them on our shelves. If you’re wondering, ‘TWSBI’ stands for ‘Hall of Three Cultures’ and harks back to the masters of Chinese calligraphy. Their mission is to ‘inspire and recapture the romanticism of art and literature’, and we can confirm they’ve done just that!