Wallace Seymour (Pip Seymour) Fine Art Products

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Pip Seymour Fine Art Products was formed in 2011 (now renamed Wallace Seymour). Using their product knowledge from over twenty years within the art materials industry, and their practice as artists, they wanted to of create high quality painting and drawing materials. These materials would provide modern and progressive artists with the materials needed for maximum potential for artistic expression through colour.

To make this dream a reality, when they started creating Pip Seymour art supplies they not only looked forward but also to the past. They looked at forgotten colours, and both ancient and modern pigments to ensure the colour palettes they created suited the needs of today’s artists who want to challenge the boundaries of the possible..

They have created a range of unique drawing materials from charcoal, pastels, and primers through to the Pip Seymour watercolours, and oil, or acrylic based paint.

The Pip Seymour’s Artist Handbook is also available for those wanting a more detailed insight into the uses and potential of the materials..

You can also purchase a wide array of dry pigments that have been sourced and processed from original quarries. They are always on the look-out for new materials and are always researching new material sources and production techniques for new art products.

Every product added to their range has been tested internally within their own art, and feedback has been gathered from artists whose feedback is trusted and then taken on board. Pip Seymour art supplies are artists materials made for, by and tested by artists.