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At Write Here, we’ve been selling Cross fountain pens since our doors first opened in 2004, and they have proved to be consistently popular with our customers.

As a UK supplier, we’re incredibly proud to stock these fabulous fountain pens, which are designed and built by a company that was originally founded in 1846, in Providence, Rhode Island. Like so many timeless pen manufacturers, Cross started its life making ornate gold and silver casings for pens. Thankfully, they eventually branched out further and decided to manufacture their own writing implements.

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From the striking All American to the classically-designed Heritage, Conklin fountain pens are brilliantly unique additions to any pen collection. Beyond their range of fountain pens, you’ll also find the Conklin ballpoint pen, which is perfect for anyone who prefers that style of writing implement. These are quality pens that were born in the golden era of pen design and they have an impressive history to fall back on. The famous Crescent Filler, for example, was the pen of choice for Mark Twain, which is why they are so revered by collectors and enthusiasts across the world.

The new Conklin pen designs are all based on designs from earlier models, which means you’ll get a pen that is both contemporary and traditional, benefitting from their much loved old design aesthetics and the latest in pen technology. Conklin pens are manufactured by people who love pens, and Conklin designers are regarded as artisans who are dedicated to creating the best possible writing instruments.

Any pen that leaves the Conklin factory bears a name that suggests many years of priceless heritage. They therefore have a lot to live up to, but having supplied Conklin pens for many years, the team at Write Here can confirm they always live up to the task. If you’re looking to buy Conklin fountain pens, look no further than Write Here. We’ve spent over ten years helping professionals and hobbyists choose the best possible writing implements for their collections.