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Onoto is a British fountain pen manufacturer who have been making pens since 1905. Onoto pens are made by craftsmen and -women in the United Kingdom, and are recognised for their innovation, their style and, above all, their reliability. Pen-lovers, collectors, and connoisseurs have all appreciated the timeless elegance that defines an Onoto pen.

Onoto are descendants of Thomas de la Rue and Company, who were approached in that year by George Sweetser, a Mechanical Engineer who had invented and patented a self-filling safety fountain pen. At the time, de la Rue were banknote and postage stamp printers who were looking to expand their business into other fields in case they lost the UK postage stamp contract.

The directors of de la Rue, particularly Evelyn Andros de la Rue, were enthusiastic about Sweetser's invention, and purchased his patent. The 'child' company of de la Rue was called "Onoto" for no particular reason other than that it would be easy to remember. The first Onoto fountain pen was made to Sweetser's patent, and was a plunger-filler that was guaranteed not to leak. It was immediately successful and, indeed, Onoto still make a modified and modernised version of this original pen.

Today, you can share in that proud tradition thanks to an ever-increasing range of limited edition luxury Onoto fountain pens and writing accessories; exclusive and individual works of art with a world-class pedigree, hand-crafted in England by Onoto's master pen-makers. 

You can purchase Onoto fountain pens from our website or you can visit our shop in Shewsbury where you can try Onoto fountain pen in person.