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What would you call a pen and pencil manufacturer that uses a full yard of led to produce its pencils? The brilliantly named Yard-O-Led more than lives up its name. Based in the heart of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter and known as Britain’s leading producer of solid silver writing implements, Yard-O-Led was founded in 1934. Their name stems from a patent which covers pencils containing twelve three-inch leads - thus adding up to a full yard of led.

This is why Yard-O-Led sterling silver mechanical pencils remain a top choice for mechanical pencil collectors worldwide. Anyone who wants to buy Yard-O-Led fountain pens and pencils online will find something here to suit their budget and taste. Be it the simple-yet-stunning Diplomat  or the mighty Viceroy Grand, Write Here has Yard-O-Led pens UK hobbyists and pros will cherish. The Yard-O-Led traditional workshop is a sight to behold. Led by perfectionist Alex, the team works tirelessly to produce the best possible pens and pencils.

Yard-O-Led fountain pens never leave the workshop until they’ve been checked over numerous times. It’s why Yard-O-Led silver pens and Yard-O-Led propelling pencils occupy a special place within so many enthusiasts’ collections. If you’re looking to buy Yard-O-Led fountain pens and pencils online, you’ve come to the right place. Since 2004, Write Here has offered the best range of stock and deepest knowledge for its customers. Whether you use our online shop or visit our store in Shrewsbury, you’ll find a UK supplier of Yard-O-Led fountain pens you can trust. With Yard-O-Led silver pencils and Yard-O-Led fountain pens in your collection, you’ll have some of the best writing implements in the world at your disposal. Every pen and pencil produced by Yard-O-Led is hand crafted and made from sterling silver. They’re a sight to behold, but if you’re unsure which one would best suit your hand call at our shop.