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Scrittura Bolognese – SCRIBO – Pens are made in Bologna, Italy by a team of former workers at OMAS.

A series of beautiful pens were produced in collaboration with Write Here of Shrewsbury in limited editions of 50 each. Every fountain pen is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.. All are piston fillers featuring an 18ct or 14ct Extra Flexible gold nib, based closely on the OMAS nib. The 14 ct extra flex nib was regarded as one of the best modern flex nibs available.

Scrittura Bolognese have also created the magnificent “Letteratura” limited edition pen, celebrating the written word and the very best Italian craftsmanship.

Founded in 2016 year by Elena Bettazzoni and Luca Baglione, Scritturra Bolognese – SCRIBO for short – aims to continue Bologna’s great tradition of pen making.

Both Luca and Elena were with OMAS until its sad demise in 2015. OMAS had over 90 years experience making fine writing instruments in accordance with Armando Simoni’s dictum: “A pen should make writing pleasurable”. The tradition was handed down over the years through generations of workers in the Bologna factory, leading to the production of iconic pens with some of the most enjoyable nibs available.

There are currently 3 models available:  the Feel, a faceted pen, the La Dotta, equally substantial buy with a rounded shape, and the elegant Piuma, a cartridge converter fountain pen.  

In all cases, Scrittura Bolognese make only 219 of each new model – reminding them they were founded on the 21st Sepember!

scribo pens

So Scribo is a young company with a great history behind it, founded on the ideas and the passion for writing instruments of some former employees of the historic company Omas Srl in Bologna. The goal of Scribo is to bring back the most noble purpose of the writing instrument, writing by hand, thanks to its most faithful icon the fountain pen. Tradition and social innovation coexist in the Scribo project: the preservation of an ancient art, the teaching of calligraphy, the use of an artisanal production model combined with the most advanced mechanical engineering, employing skilled craftsmen are the tools for recapturing heritage in danger of being lost.

Scribo is a manufactory that perfectly combines Italian craftsmanship and design through two complementary activities: the production of writing instruments and accessories that feature design exclusively Made in Italy, and the dissemination of the benefits of writing by hand through calligraphy courses with specialised partners. The collections are distinguished by the high quality of materials used in the writing instruments, made with exclusive nibs suitable for any type of writing; in the paper, produced specially for handwriting with a fountain pen; and, finally, in a wide range of inks. The calligraphy courses, organised on demand for professionals, enthusiasts and those who want to unleash their creativity, have the objective of promoting the discipline and the benefits of handwriting.