Pen Cases

If fountain pens are more than just a writing implement to you and you’re looking for a way to keep your pens safe and secure, then look no further than our stunning range of luxury pen cases. All of our pen cases have been designed for people who understand that the fine craftsmanship of a top quality fountain pen should be cared for by storing it and transporting carefully. Proper treatment of a fountain pen ensures they are kept at peak working order, and will provide years of writing pleasure.

Sub Categories of Pen Cases

Leather pen case

A leather pen case provides both style and security to your pens when stored or while you travel. The soft interior of the case and pen dividers (for the multiple fountain pen cases) ensure that each pen has minimal chance of damage in transit.

A luxurious leather pen case makes a perfect gift. A gift of a fountain pen will be stylishly completed if wrapped and presented in one of our top quality leather cases.
It is not uncommon for a pen enthusiast to travel with a number of fountain pens. We have pen cases that can hold up to twelve pens, so you can always be sure of having the right fountain pen with you in all situations.

Our range of pen cases comes in a variety of brands, sizes and colours.
Lamy pen cases are available in either red or black and come is various sizes: single, two and three pens. The magnetic catch ensures a further level of security for your fountain pen.

The MorganEsq are some of the most beautiful and luxurious pen cases on the market. Each leather case is hand cut, and then sewn by hand using the very best polyester braided thread. The MorganEsq luxury leather cases are available in papaya, tan or black, and can hold one or two pens.

Visconti Dreamtouch leather pen cases cater for pen collectors, and are capable of holding up to twelve pens. Visconti Dreamtouch pen cases feature full-grain aniline leather that delivers extraordinary softness while retaining its natural properties.

The Diplomat fountain pen case is available in sizes that hold up to three pens.

Whatever your pen case or pen pouch requirements we are confident you’ll find what you need within our wide range of leather pen cases.