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At Write Here we stock a huge range of Pilot pens for UK collectors, enthusiasts and hobbyists. Pilot Corporation is most famously known for manufacturing fountain pens, ballpoint pens, rollerball pens and mechanical pencils, and at Write Here, we know the range like the back of our hands. Browse our website, and you’ll find the best collection of Pilot pens available at incredible prices. However, if you’re not sure what pen is right for you, or if you simply have a question about this wonderful range of Pilot fountain pens, just get in touch with our friendly team or visit our store in Shrewsbury.

A brief history of Pilot pens

Based in Tokyo, Japan, Pilot Corporation produces writing instruments that are sold the world over. It’s now the largest pen manufacturer in Japan, but came from humble beginnings back in 1915. Back then, a professor from Tokyo Nautical College founded a small factory that produced gold nibs. It later expanded to become a fully-fledged manufacture of writing implements before establishing multiple overseas offices.

Inventor of the capless, retractable fountain pen.

In 1964, Pilot Corporation introduced the very first capless pen, which has since become one of the most popular fountain pen models. The Pilot Capless fountain pen can still be bought today from Write Here, and is an unusual, luxury fountain pen that’s perfect for handwriting and note taking, but features some incredibly clever design. Unlike most fountain pens that feature a cap, Pilot capless uses a mechanism similar to that of a ballpoint pen, which enables the user to click it and watch as the nib slides effortlessly in and out. It’s a brilliant take on traditional fountain pens and very practical indeed.

A huge range of Pilot pens

Write Here has become a go to supplier of Pilot Pens UK enthusiasts rely on, and it’s easy to see why. Within the pages of this website, you’ll find the famous Pilot retractable fountain pen, the stunning but simple Falcon and the classy Justus. There are few better pens for your ink , and if you’re looking for where to buy Pilot pens, you need look no further. Since 2004, we’ve been selling this wonderful range of writing instruments and know all there is to know about the Japanese pen manufacturer.

Why buy from Write Here?

We love fountain pens, mechanical pencils and just about every other type of writing instrument as much as our customers. It’s why people return time and again to view our wonderful range of fountain pens from the likes of Pilot Corporation. You can browse online, but also visit us in our store on Shrewsbury’s High Street. Our team are friendly, highly knowledgeable, and can answer any questions you might have about Pilot’s range of pens, or indeed any other manufacture that takes your eye. If you want to find out why we’ve become the number one shop for Pilot Pens UK hobbyists, collectors and writing enthusiasts head to, contact our friendly team today!