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Italian design house EGO.M have produced a unique rang of writing instrument – two penicls and a pen – made from the classic material of pencil manufacture, graphit, but transformed by modern technology into Graphene, which is woven to produce these products.

The original design comes from renowned Italian designer, the late Achille Castiglioni. His original designs, now 30 years old, were realsied in wood, and featured the distinctive trilobar shape running through the designs.

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Graphene is a material obtained in laboratories from the exfoliation of graphite and consists of a monoatomic carbon layer, organized according to a crystalline structure with hexagonal cells. Its very small thickness of 0.3 nanometers allows it to be defined as a two-dimensional material. It has the theoretical strength of diamond and the flexibility of plastic. Flexible, thin, durable, transparent, waterproof and sustainable, graphene is the material of the new millennium with ancient roots, the graphite, that sink into our daily lives, the pencil.

In additive manufacturing, starting from an empty space, the machine does deposit material only where it is needed, layer by layer, until the complete projected piece is made. In this type of processing, the search for right materials is fundamental. Innovative and above all biodegradable plastic polymers are used for 3D printing. In Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) printing, polymers are produced in the form of filaments.