EGO.M Hundred.E

Hundred3 Sketch Pencil

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EGO.M Hundred.E

Construction site pencil or multifunctional pencil, with trilobate shape, in graphene filament and function unit in chromed metal.

Each drum is made individually using innovative materials and manufacturing techniques.  The pencil is made of woven Graphene filament and covered in a microlayer of graphene.

The unique trilobate arched shape is a clean design but complex tomanufacture.  It’s ergonomic qualities are outstanding and perfect for gripping.  the three fingers of the hand. A texture that is pleasant to the touch and with a non-slip grip.

The juncture line along the body of the object demonstrates the slowness and precision of each single piece, enhancing the value of time and the quality of the three-dimensional printing production. Each artifact becomes even more precious thanks to its own mark, like a scar, unrepeatable and unique for the texture obtained from the processing of the Graphene filament, for the tactile pleasantness and for the aesthetics of the natural color without further finishes.

It allows the writing object not to slide on the table like all the other pens with a circular section.
With three fingers you hold the pen well and communicate your message.

CENTO 3 , are the years from the birth of Achille Castiglioni (1918) to the realization and presentation to the public of the writing project by the two architects Castiglioni and Cavaglià (2021).


Multifunction length - 10.3 cm

Max. multifunction - 1.5 cm

Weight - 22 g

5.5 mm diameter graphite refill included