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In 1911, an engineer from Japan was introduced to the fountain pen by a British sailor friend. Fast-forward one-hundred years, and the Sailor Pens brand created by that engineer is now a world-renowned maker of fountain pens. This chance encounter offers a romantic backdrop for the Sailor Pens brand and is befitting of a pen maker that so many people have come to know and love.

The Professional Gear series and 1911 range are at the heart of the collection, whcih also features the Sailor King of Pen and Maki-e collections.


Sub Categories of Sailor Pens

Sailor Professional Gear Slim Black Gold Trim Fountain Pen

Sailor Professional Gear

Sailor 1911 Large Maroon Gold Trim Fountain Pen

Sailor 1911 Series

Sailor 1911 Naginata Togi Gold Trim Open

Sailor 1911 Naginata Collection

Sailor Shikiori Fountain Pen - Yonaga

Sailor Shikiori Fountain Pens

Sailor Precious Wood Kabazaiku Cherry Bark Fountain Pen Open

Sailor Precious Wood

Sailor King Of Pen Urushi Black Gold Trim

Sailor King of Pens

Sailor 1911 Maki-e Maiko Ivory Fountain Pen

Sailor 1911 Maki-e

Sailor Shikiori Tsukuyono Minamo Mechanical Pencil Shimoyo

Sailor Mechanical Pencils

Sailor King of Pens Sakura Nagare Limited Edition Fountain Pen Closed

Sailor Limited Editions

Sailor Reglus Blue Fountain Pen

Sailor Reglus

Sailor Hi-Ace Calligraphy Pen 1.5mm

Sailor Calligraphy

Sailor Reglus Ballpoint Bordeaux

Sailor Ballpoint Pens

The Japanese inventor was Mr Kyugoro Sakata, who started Sailor Pens in Hiroshima, Japan. The company also benefits from the skills of the legendary master nib designer Nobuyoshi Nagahara who until his death in 2015, spent over sixty years perfecting the art of producing fine pen nibs. Japanese fountain pens are known for their skilled craftsmanship, and Sailor is fortunate to have Mr Nagahara’s son, Yukio, continuing to personally direct the design process of the unique Sailor fountain pens line. Nagahara was responsible for resurrecting the long-lost technique of the ‘Japanese long sword’ pen nib.

Our range of Sailor Pens includes the classic 1911 range that harks back to the maker’s formative years, and their appropriately named ‘King of Pens’ designs that will steal the show in any writing implement collection. Write Here is a supplier of Sailor Pens UK pen enthusiasts and anyone who takes the art of writing and drawing seriously can rely on. The excellent Zoom and Music nibs, as well as the Fude de Mannen or “Brush-like Pen”- so poluar with artists, are still available to add variety to your writing.

We have super-fast delivery times and a wide selection from which to choose, but you are also more than welcome to visit our shop in Shrewsbury to experience these Japanese fountain pens first-hand.