Sailor King of Pens

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The Sailor King of Pens is a top-of-the-line range of products from the world renowned writing instrument manufacturer, Sailor.

This range demonstrates Japanese fountain pens at their absolute best, and is a symbol of Sailor’s unmatched attention to detail, quality, writing perfection and desire to harness modern technology to traditional skills.

It is inescapable that Sailor King of Pens are large pens. They stand out forcefully among any collection thanks to their purposeful design and no-compromise build quality.

The Sailor King of Pens range features pens made from a wide variety of materials, giving enthusiasts, collectors and writing professionals plenty of buying choice.

Sailor pens are available in Briar Wood and Ebonite; materials that will last the test of time and which feel fantastic in the hand.

These beautiful pens are made exclusively in Japan, and are handcrafted right down the the finest detail. The naturally-produced resin material requires special production processes to be created, making these pens truly unique and capable of standing out for the right reasons in any collection.

The Sailor brand benefits from nearly a century of experience creating superb writing implements, and those countless years are evident whenever you pick up one of their pens. There are few manufacturers that offer quite the depth of experience, quality and writing perfection as Sailor.

This is the ultimate answer to anyone searching for a high quality fountain pen that is perfectly oversized. The ebonite Sailor King of Pen, for example, measures a highly impressive 153mm when capped.

Fitted with high quality gold nibs, these pens are far more than oversized writing implements. The choice of materials and amazing Japanese build quality means they’ll last the test of time. It doesn’t matter if you intend to use them day-in, day-out or simply retain them safely within your collection – they’ll never lose their unique appeal.

The Sailor King of Pens Fountain Pen isn’t just a device with which to write – it’s far more than that. When resting in your hand at any meeting, within any office or in any occasion, the King of Pen will live up to it’s name and demonstrate that you take the traditional art of connecting pen to paper seriously.
Write Here is proud to have stocked Sailor pens for many years, and our fantastic knowledge of this timeless brand is one of the prime reasons we’ve become the go-to supplier of Sailor Kings of Pens UK collectors and enthusiasts return to time and again.

Are you missing a large fountain pen in your collection? The team at Write Here would love to hep you find the best Sailor pen for you. Browse the range today online, or visit us at our Shrewsbury store for more information.