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Established by C. Josef Lamy in 1930, Lamy is the iconic fountain pen brand behind the classic Lamy Safari, which is arguably one of (if not the) best entry level fountain pens. Indeed, it’s the pen many enthusiasts start with, ensuring Lamy fountain pens retain a very special place within their hearts. Write Here has been a supplier of Lamy fountain pens since our doors opened in 2004.


Sub Categories of Lamy Pens

Lamy 2000 Stainless Steel Fountain Pen

Lamy 2000 Series

Lamy abc Fountain Pen Red

Lamy abc

Lamy Accent Al KK Fountain Pen

Lamy Accent

Lamy Aion Dark Green Fountain Pen

Lamy Aion

Lamy Al Star Turmaline Fountain Pen

Lamy Al-Star

Lamy Balloon Blue Rollerball

Lamy Balloon

Lamy CP1

Lamy CP1

Lamy Dialog CC Fountain Pen - Matt Blue Open

Lamy Dialog

Lamy Econ Matt Ballpoint

Lamy Econ

Lamy Imporium Matt Black Gold Fountain Pen

Lamy Imporium

Lamy Joy All Black Fountain Pen

Lamy Joy Calligraphy

Lamy Logo Brushed Fountain Pen

Lamy Logo

Lamy LX Palladium Fountain Pen Open

Lamy LX

Lamy Logo Matt 3 Colours Multi Pen

Lamy Multipens

Lamy Nexx Red Fountain Pen Closed

Lamy Nexx

Lamy Joy Black Al Fountain Pen Calligraphy Set

Lamy Pen Sets

Lamy Pico laser Orange Ballpoint Open

Lamy Pico

Lamy Pur Black Fountain Pen

Lamy Pur

Lamy Safari Green Fountain Pen

Lamy Safari

Lamy Scala Pianoblack Fountain Pen

Lamy Scala

Lamy Screen

Lamy Screen

Lamy Scribble

Lamy Scribble

Lamy Al-Star Whitesilver Fountain Pen

LAMY Special Editions

Lamy ST Twin Pen Matt Mod 645

Lamy ST

Lamy Studio Black Fountain Pen

Lamy Studio

Lamy Swift Palladium Rollerball

Lamy Swift

Lamy Tipo Al/K Black Purple Rollerball Pen

Lamy Tipo

Lamy Vista Fountain Pen

Lamy Vista

Lamy Ideos Fountain Pen Post

Lamy Ideos

LAMY AL-star EMR Digital Pen Round

Lamy Digital Products

At Write Here, we regularly the full range of Lamy pens, Lamy mechanical pencils, along with their highly sought-after ballpoint pens, rollerball pens and Lamy multi-pen systems. You will find some pens not available elsewhere as we are a bricks and mortar store. As a premier UK stockist of Lamy pens UK enthusiasts have come to rely on, you’ll be sure to find the perfect product within our online shop or at our store in Shrewsbury. Beside their range of Lamy fountain pens, you’ll also find Lamy ink and accessories such as leather pen cases.

We’ve always admired German fountain pens due to their rock-solid build quality, attention to detail and resolute focus on providing the best possible writing experience.

The Lamy Safari is a case in point. This pen’s design is the result of tireless work by Wolfgang Fabian and Bernt Spiegel of the Entwicklungsgruppe Mannheim, and has been in production since 1980. Joining the Safari in the famed history of Lamy pens is the Lamy 2000 fountain pen which was released way back in 1966 and remains in production today. You’ll find both pens in stock at Write Here.

Every pen produced by Lamy is based on the Bauhaus principle but benefits from a design process that always results in a unique take that invariably ends up becoming a classic. Lamy even have their own in-house tool shop, which enables them to design and build the tools required to create their unique writing instruments. Impressively, they marry high levels of craftsmanship with cutting edge automation to create the pens loved by enthusiasts all over the world.

Virtually all plastic and metal parts are produced in-house at Lamy by their talented engineering team. This enables them to manufacture pens that meet their high standards each and every time, and which simply can’t be found anywhere else. It isn’t just left to the machines, either. Highly qualified Lamy staff periodically inspect samples from each production batch to ensure nothing leaves the factory in a condition that is deemed unacceptable. Indeed, every pen goes through a rigours testing regime before heading out to lucky customers across the world.

Lamy invests a great deal of time in ensuring that it’s team members are as highly skilled and knowledgeable as possible, enabling them to be left to tend to the more precise manufacturing processes of Lamy pens that still require a hands-on approach.

Having been a UK supplier of Lamy pens for many years, we also know just how many awards the German pen manufacturer has accumulated. Having won the coveted Design Plus Frankfurt award no less than seven times, they’ve also picked up several gongs from the Biennial of Industrial Design, JIDA Design Museum Selection and many more. If you’re looking for Lamy pens UK stores don’t typically have access to, you’ll find them at Write Here.

From their brilliantly named Scribble, to the unique limited editions, we’ll have the perfect Lamy pen for you. Equally, if you need a fantastic mechanical pencil to join your collection, you really should look at what Lamy has to offer.

Write Here is a trusted supplier of Lamy pens UK enthusiasts, professionals and hobbyists constantly rely on to provide the widest range of beautifully crafted writing implements and the best possible advice. Our friendly team knows the Lamy range like the back of their hands, therefore if you’re unsure as to which pen or mechanical pencil will best suit your requirements, get in touch with us today.