Lamy Imporium

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Lamy are one of the top German pen manufacturers and their Imporium range clearly demonstrates why they have held this title for so long.

The Lamy Imporium range includes four different writing instruments, a fountain pen, a rollerball, a ballpoint pen and a mechanical pencil. Each of the four pens are available in Titanium Matt, Black Matt & Gold, and Black Matt & Black. Each design provides that classic Lamy style.

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The fountain pen is also available with a variety of different nibs (extra fine, fine, medium, broad, oblique medium, oblique broad). Despite the simple beauty of the Imporium range, each pen has been specifically designed to be tougher and more capable of of dealing with the various bumps and scrapes of everyday use.

The refills, cartridges and replacement leads for the Lamy Imporium range are also available:

  • Lamy Imporium Fountain Pen – LAmy T 10 Giant Ink Cartridge and Lamy Z 26 Converter
  • Lamy Imporium Rollerball – Lamy M 66 M black.refills
  • Lamy Imporium Ballpoint Pen – Lamy M 16 M black giant refills
  • Lamy Imporium Mechanical Pencil – Lamy M 40 (0.7) replacement leads.
    If you’re interested in purchasing any of the Lamy Imporium range, you can do so online. Or, if you’d prefer visit our brick and mortar shop on the High St in Shrewsbury, UK where you can try the pens as well as ask questions which our knowledgeable staff will be able to answer.