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Nestling in the foothills of the Italian Alps, the Montegrappa factory produces the most luxurious pens in the world. Founded in North-East Italy, Montegrappa is a highly respected manufacturer of fine writing instruments. Montegrappa were formed in 1912, but today, far from simply being a company with over 100 years of heritage, the Italian fountain pen maker has evolved into a luxury lifestyle company. Pick up a Montegrappa fountain pen or mechanical pencil, and you’ll immediately feel the impact of countless years’ experience building only the best writing implements.

From it’s home in Bassano Del Grappa, Montegrappa has perfected the art of pen manufacture and still operates from the same building in which it was founded. Ernest Hemingway and John Dos Passos are both thought to have crossed the threshold of their recently restored factory - an indication of how highly regarded Montegrappa has always been. Montegrappa pens are known for their traditional craftsmanship and outstanding durability. The company is also a well known ambassador of Italian style, which is why Montegrappa pens can be found in countries across the world.

Their line of Game of Thrones pens provides an insight into Montegrappa’s desire to move with the times and target their traditional sense of Italian style and sophistication at a much wider audience. Alongside a wide range of Montegrappa rollerball pens, you’ll also find some of the best Italian fountain pens on the market, including the blissfully simple Fortuna, striking Nero Uno and vibrant Mosaico lines. Montegrappa fountain pens will catch the eye of even the most causal passer-by, and with one in your hand, it’s clear to all that you take the art of writing seriously.

If you’re looking for exquisite pens, Montegrappa will have something to match you tastes, but for professionals, Montegrappa fountain pens and mechanical pencils deserve exploration. Within, you’ll find writing implements that are highly durable and capable of delivering your best work. Write Here is a supplier of Montegrappa pens UK enthusiasts can rely on to provide the widest selection of these exquisite writing instruments.