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Cleo Skribent is a respected German pen manufacturer. Established in the 1940s, they still make their writing instruments in Germany – a fact that is clear whenever you pick up one of their pens, such is the attention to detail and solid build quality.

Write Here is a trusted UK supplier of Cleo Skribent pens. Collectors, enthusiasts and those who rely on brilliant writing implements for their trade travel far and wide to view a range of Cleo Skribent pens UK residents often struggle to find.

Like so many classic brands, Cleo Skribent had very humble beginnings. The founder started the company in his garage, right after the Second World War and focused on producing writing instruments he’d always wanted to use himself. The first Cleo Skribent pen collection was known as the ‘Cleopatra’ – a name that nodded to the industriousness of the ancient Egyptians. Cleo Skribent’s founder also believed the design and style of the pen reflected his approach to manufacturing, now known simply as ‘Cleo’.

At Write Here, we have a wide selection of Cleo Skribent fountain pens. Made in Germany and to the highest possible standards, there’s something for everyone. From the simple yet elegant Classic Palladium to the standout Natura range, there’s something to suit every budget and taste. Cleo Skribent fountain pens are pleasingly priced at their lowest point, but if you want a distinctive look that features luxury ebonite and exotic woods, there’s plenty to choose from at the top end of their range, too.

Cleo Skribent pens are made by people who are experts in the field of writing implements. They rely on decades-old craftsmanship and countless production processes to create the best possible pens. Going far beyond pen-making, the team also invests hours of effort and expense into tool-making, nib finishing and precessions injection moulding.

If you have a specific Cleo Skribent pen in mind, you’ll almost definitely find it on our shelves, but if you simply want to ask a question relating to the German pen manufacturer, we’d love to help out.

We’re not just a pen store; the Write Here team themselves have bags of experience and expertise, which makes every trip to our pen store in Shrewsbury a fantastic experience for pen enthusiasts. We supply Cleo Skribent Pens UK enthusiasts love due to their solid build quality, effortless good looks and superb feeling in the hand. If you want to shop online, our digital store will provide you with all the information you need to make the right purchase. Buy online today, or visit the Write Here shop on Shrewsbury’s High Street to find out