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Founded by Cornish Quaker Richard Esterbrook in the mid 19th century, with a factory in Camden, New Jersey, Esterbrook went on to become one of the United States largest pen manufacturers.

Favoured by top US presidents Lincoln, Kennedy and Johnson the Esterbrook pen company was revived in 2018, relaunching such classic designs as the Estie, Camden, Phaeton and JR.

Made to the highest standards, and in a range of sizes and designs, all share smooth steel nibs and convenient filling systems.

The Esterbrook Custom Grinds offer great variety to your writing.  A grind differs from a standard nib as a skilled and experienced technician has, as the name suggests, spent time grinding the tipping on the nib to give a distinctive line or variation to the nib.

We’ve tried them all and they work, Well worth the extra cost.  The Scribe is an often requested grind, brilliant for lettering.  The needlepoint does just what it says – a very fine writing point for tiny writing, but very usable and pleasant to use.  But we guess that the Journaller will be the most popular – easy to use, adds character to writing, can be drawn with – perfect!

  • Esterbrook’s first custom nib, the Journaler was created by Gena Salorino of the Custom Nib Studio in Los Angeles. The Journaler starts life as a medium nib, which is then ground to a stub. The idea is that it’s smooth and friendly enough for everyday use, and gives your writing some flair, without being too large for practical writing.
  • Scribe – The Scribe nib is ground by New York based nibmeister, Josh Lax.It starts out as a broad nib, and is Josh’s take on an architect nib. The Scribe nib is designed to give the writer the flexibility of broad downstrokes and fine horizontal strokes, and can also be used in reverse for additional variation.
  • Needlepoint – The Needlepoint is ground from a fine nib, and is the creation of Colorado-based nibmeister Kirk Speer of Pen Realm.A super-fine nib that’s perfect for Japanese scripts like Kanji and Hiragana, as well as for detailed note-taking, the Needlepoint should be in anyone’s artillery who thinks even an extra-fine could be finer. But it’s perfect for everyday pen users, too! The Needlepoint gives a very precise line good for writing small in tight spaces like the margins of books or maximising the use of a notebook. It can also be very good for artists and sketching, The nib does not grab or tear paper, but writes very smoothly.

We are always happy to hear from our customers, please let us know if you have any enquiries and we will aim to respond promptly.