Lamy Accent

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Made in Germany, and designed by Phoenix Product Design, the Lamy Accent range of writing equipment have been designed to the same high standards you would expect of every Lamy pen. The Lamy Accent pen range are the first writing instruments to have interchangeable grips.

The Lamy Accent range is complete with a quality palladium finish and a spring-mounted clip made of solid, high gloss polished stainless steel. The range that includes the Lamy Accent fountain pen, rollerball pen, mechanical pencil and Lamy Accent ballpoint pens comes with the galvanised rubber and Karelia wood interchangeable grips.

The Lamy Brilliant Accent range includes the Lamy Accent Brilliant Fountain Pen, Rollerball Pen and Ballpoint Pen and allows you to add further luxury to your writing with a black lacquer finish and the Diamond Lacquer and Briarwood grips.

The Lamy Accent 4pen Multipen System is the answer for anyone not wanting to make a choice on which pen to take with them. The Multipen system comes with a 0.7mm pencil lead, and three different colours of ballpoint pen (black, blue and red).

We are proud to be a Lamy Accent Pens UK supplier. If you’re interested in purchasing any of this range, you can buy Lamy Accent pens online here. Or if you’d prefer, you can visit our shop on the High Street in Shrewsbury where you can try them all out and ask our knowledgeable staff for advice.