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Made in Germany and designed by Wolfgang Fabian, Lamy Tipo pens are another reason to choose the Lamy brand of writing instruments. Once again they have demonstrated their talent for merging unique design with ergonomic function for a low price.

The Lamy Tipo rollerball are available in silver, white or red with either a plastic or anodised Aluminium barrel. The integrated push-clip mechanism of the Lamy Tip rollerball pen replaces a standard pen cap. Pressing the clip of the pen into the slot in the shaft extends the rollerball tip. When you have finished writing, push the top of the clip and the rollerball pen nib retracts into the barrel of the pen and the clip returns to its original position.

It’s a unique design that ensures you can’t use the clip while the nib is extended, and therefore saving your clothes from ink marks. We are proud to be a Lamy Tipo supplier. If you’re interested in purchasing any of the Lamy Tipo pens, you can buy them online here or if you prefer, you can visit our shop on the High Street in Shrewsbury where you can try them all out and ask our knowledgeable staff for advice.