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With an annual production of over 7 million pens and turnover of 90 million euros, Lamy are not only a brand leader in Germany but are considered an iconic designer brand worldwide.

This is in no small part due to the innovations in design and function that you would come to expect from a Lamy writing instrument. Made in Germany, and designed by Wolfgang Fabian, the Lamy Balloon rollerball pen is the ideal alternative or addition to the fountain pen for writing small memos, short letters or quick notes. It’s bright, quirky and comes with an accessible price tag. Perfect for anyone looking for a budget pen that doesn’t compromise on style or function.

The Lamy Balloon pen is made of a modern translucent clear plastic, with a triangular grip area and is available in four colours (blue, red, lime and orange). Each pen is finished off with a distinctive, flexible plastic clip with a large Lamy logo highlighted in white on the barrel.

The Lamy Balloon is sold with a fitted ink roller cartridge LAMY T 11 royal-blue. Other colours of ink are available as refills. If you’re interested in purchasing a Lamy Balloon rollerball pen you can buy them online here. Or if you’d prefer, you can visit our shop on the High Street in Shrewsbury where you can try them all out and ask our knowledgeable staff for advice.