Lamy LX

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If you’re already bought the Lamy Al-Star and want to experience even more luxury when writing, then you’ll want to take a look at our Lamy LX fountain pen. Designed and created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the German manufacturer Lamy, the Lamy LX (pronounced Lux) has improved upon the style of its Al-Star cousin.

The Lamy LX is available in four colours (rose gold, ruthenium, gold and palladium) that you may find are a perfect match with your iPhone. They’re made from Aluminium, featuring stylish details refined with a sophisticated anodised finish. With a distinctive colour co-ordinated metal clip and transparent grip adding to the sophistication.

To finish off the luxurious design the Lamy LX fountain pen, comes complete with a stylish matching case to keep your pen secure and comfortable for both storage and travelling.

If you prefer to write with a rollerball or ballpoint pen, the Lamy LX is also available in these writing systems with all of the design options above, including the stylish case.

If you’re wondering where to buy Lamy LX pens, then look no further. We’re proud to be one of the Lamy LX UK suppliers. You can also visit our shop on the High St in Shrewsbury to see and try these excfiting pens in person.