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The LAMY Lx Marron Fountain Pen - a stylish luxury pen in a striking new colour at an affordable price.  It is good to look at and pleasurable to use.

The LAMY Lx Marron Fountain Pen is crafted from anodised alimiunium, so it is light and has a durable shiny finish in an attractive shade of brown.  The characteristic clip is finished in a bright copper coloured metal.  The top and base of the pen feature highly polished details in the same colour.

The heart of any good fountain pen is the nib, and the specially developed Z53 nib is no disappointment.  Its brilliant black PVD coating is enhanced by gold details, perfectly complementing the overall look of the pen.  As with all Lamy nibs, performance is superb.  (All other Lamy nibs are compatible with the Lx, but the look will vary).

The The LAMY Lx Marron Fountain Pen takes the classic Lamy T10 cartridge, and will accept the Z28 converter should you wish to use bottled ink.  We'd recommend Diamine Macassar or, if you're feeling flush, Iroshizuku Tsukushi.

The Lamy Lx Marron is also available as a ballpoint and rollerball pen

LAMY Lx Marron Fountain Pen - Dimensions

Length (pen): 132mm
Length (closed): 142mm
Length (posted): 172mm
Diameter (barrel): 12mm
Diameter (cross flats): 10mm
Diameter (section): 9mm - but note flatted grip for forefinger and thumb;

Weight ((Including T10 cartridge - complete): 23.4g
Weight (pen): 12.7g
Weight (cap): 10.7g

Ink: Lamy T10 Cartridge or Z28 converter

Lamy LX Pen Case - Dimensions:
Length: 176mm
Diameter: 28mm
Weight (empty): 29g
Weight (with pen): 53g