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Lamy believe that it’s never too early to develop your writing skill. That’s why they’ve designed the Lamy ABC Beginner’s Pencil and the Lamy ABC Beginner’s Fountain Pen.

Like all Lamy writing Instruments, the Lamy ABC are made in Germany. Designed by Entwicklungsgruppe Mannheim and Professor Bernt Spiegel, the design has been taken from both an ergonomic and pedagogical viewpoint.

The Lamy ABC Fountain Pen and Lamy ABD Mechanical Pencil help children to write systematically. In short they have designed pens for children’s handwriting.

The first step is for your child to use the Lamy ABC pencil. Made from Maple wood, with a die and cap of either red or blue plastic, and an anti-slip rubberised plastic grip the pencil is perfect for your child’s first writing instrument.

They would then move on to the Lamy ABC Fountain Pen. This Lamy wooden fountain pen also made from Maple with the same red or blue plastic, and an anti-slip rubberised plastic grip has a small label on the cap for your child to write their name and personalise their device.

If you’re interested in purchasing either the Lamy ABC Mechanical Pencil or the Lamy ABC fountain pen you can do so online. Or if you’d prefer, you can visit our shop on the High Street in Shrewsbury where you can try them out or ask our knowledgeable staff for advice.