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Multi Pens – Subcategory Page – Write Here If you’re a writing implement connoisseur, you’ll be used to having a large pen and pencil collection nearby at all times. But what if you only want one writing implement? What if you’re a fan of minimalism and design that combines multiple devices? At Write Here, we’ve specialised in multi pens for many years, and, just like our customers, love their flexibility and inherently clever design.

A multi pen is exactly how it sounds; it combines one or more writing systems in a single unit. Take the Lamy ST Tri Pen, for example, which features a blue and red refill ballpoint and 0.5 lead propelling pencil. That means no matter the application or job in hand, you won’t have to fumble for a different instrument every time you need to switch your writing style. Multi ink pen design also enables writers, designers and artists to quickly switch between colours while retaining the same tactile feel of the pen they’re already holding. And, while Lamy multi pens excel at this, you’ll find a huge range of competing instruments from countless other manufacturers at Write Here.

What makes multicoloured pens special is their almost magic-like ability to instantly transform from one writing implement into another. Enthusiasts aside, not everyone wants to carry around a huge collection of pens and pencils, which is why the ability to have just one writing implement that can perform the task of many is so desirable. Imagine immediately switching from drafting a new design or illustration with a mechanical pencil to giving it the finishing touch with a striking ballpoint pen. With multipens, you can do just that.

A multi pen could be the one thing missing from your collection, therefore we recommend having a browse through our stock of multifunction pen, pencil and multi ink writing implements. You can do so within the pages of this very online store, or visit our friendly team at our Shrewsbury High Street store. The best multi pen, pencil and ink is the one you have with you, and we’ve become the supplier of choice for countless enthusiasts and professionals. If you’re looking for a multifunction pen or a specific manufacturer like Lamy multi pens, you’ve come to the right place.

Write Here opened it’s doors in 2004, and since then, we’ve become one of the most trusted, relied-upon suppliers of high quality writing instruments in the UK. Browse our online store, get in touch or visit our fabulous shop in Shrewsbury to get your hands on our wide range of products.