Lamy Studio

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Designed by Hannes Wettstein and made in Germany, the Lamy Studio range of writing instruments continue the tradition of solid design, and style that have made Lamy a worldwide name. It’s clear to see by looking at any of the Lamy rage of pens that this worldwide name is well and truly earned. The special elegance of the Lamy Studio range of pens demonstrates just how close design and art can be. 

For many people, the Lamy Studio is the first step up from the Safari; A more satisfying and stylish shape and steel construction signal that this is, in all ways, a serious fountain pen. The brushed steel finish (with rubber grip on the fountain and rollerball pens) is a perennial favourite, but the black, Imperial Blue and recently introduced Racing Green are also available for anyone who takes a more colourful approach. 

The Lamy Studio is available as a Fountain Pen, Rollerball pen and Ballpoint pen.

The Lamy Studio Palladium and new Pianoblack take the pen to a new level of luxury. The soft – feeling and attractive hues of the Palladium model are pleasing, and the smart deep lustre of the Pianoblack adds a sense of formality. The propeller-shaped clip is the perfect finish and that captures and accents the pen’s innovative form.

All of the fountain pens come as standard with the luxurious Lamy 14 carat gold nib. Nibs are available in the following sizes (Extra Fine, Fine, Medium and Broad.)

The ink refills and cartridges for the full Studio range are also available:
• Lamy Studio Fountain Pen – Lamy T 10 Giant Ink Cartridge and Lamy Z 27 Converter
• Lamy Studio Rollerball – Lamy M 63 refills
• Lamy Studio Ballpoint Pen – Lamy M 16 M black giant refills

If you are interested in purchasing the Lamy Studio Fountain Pen or any of the Studio range, you can do so online on the writeherekitenow website. Or if you’d prefer, you can visit our shop on the High St in Shrewsbury where you can try the pens for yourself and ask our knowledgeable staff for advice.