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The Lamy Nexx is the undeniable star of Lamy’s affordable fountain pen range. Designed by Phoenix Product Design and made in Germany, the Lamy Nexx fountain pen continues the tradition of solid design, and style that have made Lamy a worldwide name.

The Lamy Nexx is very similar in design to the Lamy Nexx M Fountain Pen except this time the colours are more vibrant and energetic. The classic triangular-shaped grip, formed in rubber and the Aluminium barrel is the perfect combination for comfortable and fatigue-free writing.

The cap which is undeniably the striking part of the design comes in red, blue, pink and brilliant Lime green. The Lamy Nexx fountain pen can be refilled with ink cartridges or if you prefer can be used with the converter. Combining a good solid design, and function for a low price is why the Lamy Nexx is considered to be one of the better fountain pens if you’re looking for affordable Lamy writing instrument.