Ego.M Cento3.0

HundredE Mechanical Pencil

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Ego.M Cento3.0

“A pencil made of pencil” they say, and given that it is made of the core material of a pencil, Graphite, they’re right.

.It is a Mechanical pencil, with a trilobate arched  – three lobed – shape, made with graphene filaments and aluminum mechanism. Each tool is individually made by using innovative additive manufacturing 3D printing techniques.

The complex and unique arched shape is a clean and fresh design, ergonomic and perfect to be held by the three fingers of the hand. A pleasing texture texture to the touch, with a good non-slip grip. Natural finish in graphite color.

Ego.M Cento3.0

Mechanical pencil - length 13,0 cm Fuse Diameter 1,1 cm Weight 13 g