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The Charles Dickens range of high-quality, luxury writing instruments from Onoto.
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Charles Dickens is regarded by many as the greatest of the nineteenth-century Victorian novelists, and Onoto - also a great British institution - have produced this range of pens to celebrate his classic works. Many of the characters in Dickens' novels are now famous almost in their own right, and four of the best known are commemorated in the Onoto "Charles Dickens" series of pens.

The Onoto Charles Dickens fountain pens are based on the 1937 Onoto Magna, trimmed in sterling silver, in some cases plated with gold. The cap features the distinctive Onoto cipher on the finial button, the chevron-pattern clip with the Onoto logo that has been a standard since 1905, and the celebrated two-thin-one-broad cap bands that featured on its 1937 Onoto predecessor.

All of the Charles Dickens pens are cartridge / converter pens with Onoto's superb engineering, manufacturing standards and detailed attention to style and quality. Each of them have a mixture of distinctive colours on the barrel, with longitudinal bands of black alternating with pearlescent stripes of different colours unique to each pen. They form a superb set that complement one another if you are a collector of luxury writing instruments. All are limited editions, of which only 200 of each of the four pens will be made.