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The Onoto Charles Dickens Copperfield Fountain Pen or, simply, "The Copperfield" is one of a range of four pens that commemorate some of the most famous characters from Charles Dickens' great Victorian novels. It is based on a much-modernised version of the 1937 Onoto Magna, so these pens are of the most up-to-date fountain pen technology whilst retaining the solidity and gravitas that is the hallmark of Onoto's luxurious products.

The Onoto Charles Dickens Copperfield fountain pen features distinctive sterling silver fittings, including the distinctive "ONOTO" cipher on the cap finial button, the 1905-style 'chevron' pocket clip featuring Onoto's logo, and the iconic 1937 two-narrow-bands-and-one-wide-band at the base of the cap. The end of the pen also features a sterling silver button.

The Onoto Copperfield fountain pen has a distinctive and striking barrel made of durable acrylic resin that features alternating stripes of black and coloured pearlescent lacquer. In the case of the Copperfield, these colour stripes are of silver and pale grey, separated from the black bands by fine pinstripes of white. The barrel has engraved into it "ONOTO the PEN" and "Made in England".

As with all the luxury fountain pens in their range, the Onoto Charles Dickens fountain pens are fitted with the Onoto number 7 nib (which is 8.4mm at the widest) in either stainless steel, bi-coloured with gold plating, or in 18-carat gold. Both nibs are available in Fine, Medium and Broad as standard, but for an additional fee, Onoto will fit the pen with a hand-ground nib to almost any possible profile you wish. If you choose the option, we will contact you to determine your exact requirements.

The Onoto Charles Dickens range are beautifully-balanced pens, weighing (empty) around 25 grams. If you prefer a weightier pen, there is an option to increase the weight to 32 grams.

This pen can also be supplied with a rollerball conversion kit in acrylic resin and silver. This is in addition to the fountain pen nib, allowing to change your pen to a rollerball simply by unscrewing one tip from the barrel (as you would to replace the cartridge) and screwing in the other. NOTE that this option is not compatible with the extra weight option, so please do not choose both in the options list.

Note that the Onoto Charles Dickens Copperfield Fountain Pen is part of a limited edition of 200 fountain pens.

Sizes and Weights - Onoto Charles Dickens Copperfield Fountain Pen

Length (closed): 139mm
Length (pen only): 122mm
Length (posted): 161mm

Diameter (cap, widest): 16mm
Diameter (barrel): 13.5mm
Diameter (section): 11mm

Weight (empty converter): 25g (can be boosted to 32g)

Refills: Onoto converter (included), or standard European cartridges

Nib: Onoto number 7 stainless steel bi-colour nib or Onoto Number 7 18-carat gold nib in Fine, Medium or Broad (as standard)