Onoto Magna Classic Pearlescent Fountain Pens

View our range of Onoto Magna Classic Pearlescent Fountain Pens below

The range of Onoto Magna Classic Pearlescent Fountain Pens are beautiful writing instruments made in the UK and based on a design that was first introduced to the world in 1905 to a patent by George Sweetser that year. Though the heritage of these pens is over a hundred years old, the technology inside them is modern, so if you wish to hold a piece of English writing history, but expect it to work in the modern world, the Magna Classic is for you.

The Magne Classic Pearrlescent range is a beautiful variant on the traditional Magna Classic – each pen is a mixture of swirling colours that shine in sunshine;. Some of the Magna Classic Pearlescent fountain pens are also available in a turned finish that you will find hard to put down.

All of these pens feature the superb Onoto Number 7 nib in stainless steel, plated with gold, or a full 18 carat gold nib, depending on your wishes. Apart from Fine, Medium or Broad, you can ask for whatever you’ld like, and we can ask Onoto to make it for you.

Note that some of these pens may be limited editions.