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The Supermarine S6B and the Onoto Aviator Fountain Pens – a meeting of elegance, performance and quality.

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The Onoto Aviator fountain pens commemorate the third successive win of the Supermarine racing seaplanes in the Schneider Trophy in 1931, thus retaining the trophy in Britain in perpetuity. These beautiful pens are a perfect way of commemorating the success of the Supermarine racing team, since both the aircraft and the pens are of very British conception and, like the S6B, all Onoto pens owe their ascendancy to the elegance, beauty and quality to be found in 1930s design. There are two luxury writing instruments in the Onoto Aviator Fountain Pens, in sterling silver and in vermeil, produced to the extremely high standards of modern Onoto pen manufacture, but retaining the class and elegance of the glorious 1930s era of British design.