Onoto Nelson and Emma Pens

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This gorgeous Onoto range commemorates Lord Horatio Nelson, the hero of Trafalgar, and his great love, Lady Emma Hamilton.
This luxurious range on Onoto fountain pens, in sterling silver or vermeil, commemorates that great hero of the British Navy, and Lady Emma Hamilton. The “Nelson” pens are large, with Onoto’s Number 7 nib, while the “Emma” pens are smaller and more delicate, with the Number 3 nib. All, however, use “Victory Silver”, recovered from HMS Victory, and the sterling silver base of them all also uses traces of copper from the Victory. All feature blue enamelling, with deep cobalt blue for Nelson and a paler powder blue for Lady Hamilton. These are all limited edition fountain pens, with the sterling silver versions being of 100 each. The vermeil versions are limited to 47 for Lord Nelson, and 49 for Lady Emma Hamilton, these being their respective ages at their deaths. Note also that these pens can be bought as pairs, in either sterling silver or in vermeil.