Onoto Jane Austen Fountain

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The Onoto ‘Jane Austen’ fountain pen commemorates the work of one of England’s most-loved novelists whose work, like Onoto’s pens, continues in beauty to this day.

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The Onoto Pen Company was founded in 1905 as a result of an alliance between their parent company, de la Rue, and Mr George Sweetser, who had in that year patented a design of “self filling” safety fountain pen. So began this company, whose luxury writing instruments are almost as much of a by-word of Britishness as Jane Austen’s novels to this day.

As part of the Onoto Excel range, the ‘Jane Austen’ fountain pen is smaller and lighter than the majority of Onoto’s pens, whilst remaining so stylish that even Lady Catherine de Burgh would not be ashamed to be seen using it.


Note that the Jane Austen fountain pen is a limited edition of 200 pens