Onoto William Shakespeare Pens

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The Onoto William Shakespeare range features luxury fountain pens commemorating England’s most famous playwright and poet.

The Onoto William Shakespeare range features a number of high-end luxury fountain pens, mostly in sterling silver and vermeil, and ranging from collectors’ pieces to day-to-day acrylic lacquer examples.


Onoto have been making fountain pens since their foundation and the introduction of their first pens to Sweetser’s patent in 1905. They are justifiably famous for the quality and style of their products, and the Onoto William Shakespeare range is no exception to this. These writing implements are made in England by expert craftsmen and -women to commemorate the best-known and probably best-loved of all English writers. Indeed, one pen in the Onoto William Shakespeare range features the famous portrait of the Bard in a hand-painted vitreous enamel miniature on its cap.

Altogether, these beautiful pens are a delight to behold and to use, and Write Here are pleased to offer them for sale online. Note that some of these pens are very limited editions, and will almost certainly need to be made to order.