Onoto Magna Classic Fountain Pens

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The Onoto Classic range of fountain pens are based on the original Onoto Magna, originally produced in 1937, though they are now cartridge/converter pens rather than the original’s plunger-filler. Available in a range of colours and finishes, the Onoto Magna Classic fountain pen has either sterling silver or gold-plated sterling silver trim, with three rings around the cap, the Onoto chevron clip, and finial buttons at the top of the cap and the end of the barrel. These pens are made in high-density acrylic lacquer, so are extremely durable. They are polished to a very high lustre, and the barleycorn-patterned ‘chased’ versions are a delight to behold. Onoto Classic fountain pens are reasonably weighty, but the balance is such that they are smooth and luxurious to write with.