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Onoto is one of the great names of the British Pen industry. In the early part of the 20th century they created a range of innovative and beautiful pens, still sought after by collectors today. The modern company continues to make pens of the highest quality.

The Onoto Magna Classic Tortoiseshell with gold fittings is based on the style and shape of one of the most famous fountain pens ever made – the Onoto Magna of 1937 which is still acclaimed by many as the best fountain pen ever made – known by many as "The Pen". This version of Magna Classic has fittings of sterling silver plated with gold, consisting of a trio of cap bands, the Onoto Chevron clip, a cap finial button bearing the Onoto cipher on a brushed background, and a finial button at the end of the barrel.

The pen's acrylic lacquer finish is extremely robust and hard-wearing and, in the case of the Onoto Magna Classic Toirtoiseshell fountain pen, is luxuriously good-looking. The lacquer is a patchwork of browns and oranges coated with layers of transparent acrylic, so that the pen coruscates as you hold it to write. The clear layers are most noticeable when the pen is rotated, as the wording engraved on the barrel ("ONOTO the PEN" and "Made in England") appear to float above the tortoiseshell.

The Onoto Magna Classic Tortoiseshell fountain pen with gold fitttings is truly a luxury writing instrument. Its weight is perfectly balanced in the hand, and the barrel and section are wonderfully tactile to hold. Indeed, Onoto say that they think you'll be reluctant to put it down!

The Onoto Magna Classic is a cartridge/converter pen, and is fitted with Onoto's Number 7 nib (8.4mm wide) in either stainless steel bi-coloured with gold plating, or the same nib in 18 carat gold. Fine, Medium and Broad nibs are available as standard, though Onoto will provide Stub, Cursive Italic, Left Oblique Broad, or virtually any nib ground to order, including Arabic, right obliques or calligraphy nibs. This service comes at an extra charge - and indeed, a slight wait while Onoto prepare the nib, and if you specify "Modified Nib" in the options, we will contact you to determine your exact wishes.

This pen can also be supplied with a rollerball conversion kit in acrylic resin and silver. This is in addition to the fountain pen nib, allowing to change your pen to a rollerball simply by unscrewing one tip from the barrel (as you would to replace the cartridge) and screwing in the other. NOTE that this option is not compatible with the extra weight option, so please do not choose both in the options list.

Note that the Onoto Magna Classic Tortoiseshell with gold fittings is part of a limited edition of 200 fountain pens.

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Sizes and Weights - Onoto Magna Classic Tortoiseshell with gold fittings

Length (closed): 139mm
Length (pen only): 122mm
Length (posted): 161mm

Diameter (cap, widest): 16mm
Diameter (barrel): 13.5mm
Diameter (section): 11mm

Weight (empty converter): 25g (can be boosted to 32g)

Refills: Onoto converter (included), or standard European cartridges

Nib: Onoto number 7 stainless steel bi-colour nib or Onoto Number 7 18 carat gold nib in Fine, Medium or Broad (as standard)