TWSBI ECO-T Review: Taiwan nods to Heldelberg!

Fans of the TWSBI ECO will be very interested in the new TWSBI ECO-T, a development from our favourite Taiwanese pen manufacturer, TWSBI. The popular – and reasonably priced – ECO has something of a re-vamp, with possibly a nod to Lamy.


Don’t worry – the TWSBI ECO-T fountain pen is still recognisably an ECO. We have taken some comparison photographs with my own slightly lived-in ECO, and at first there appears to be no discernible difference. Indeed, as we found, the TWSBI ECO-T’s and ECO’s caps are interchangeable

New TWSBI ECO-T vs the old TWSBI ECO

New TWSBI ECO-T vs the old TWSBI ECO


However, it is in the cap that the first noticeable difference appears; rather than the hexagon of the traditional ECO, the new TWSBI ECO-T fountain pen has a cap in what TWSBI themselves call a “rotary triangular shape”  a shape that is also echoed in the filler knob. This is where one might draw an Italian parallel – whereas Visconti “squared the circle” with the Opera and Opera Metal pens, TWSBI appear to be trying to “triangle” it with the ECO-T.


The cap is a screw-fit, as with all TWSBI pens, (though it pushes on to post) but it takes only one revolution to release it. Where this “Triangled Circle” comes into its own is in the filler knob, which takes about 3 1/2 revolutions to push the plunger down, and the same (obviously) to pull it back up filled with ink. Small fingers may find this filler knob much easier to use.

The most striking difference between the TWSBI ECO-T fountain pen and its basic ECO ancestor becomes evident when you start writing with it. The section is flatted and shaped in order to (as TWSBI say) “help with learning correct writing posture for kids, new enthusiast[s], and anyone who likes a little bit more structure to the grip area.” But which pretty much everyone else says is “like a LAMY Safari” (see the comparison photo). It’s difficult to see this development in a clear section, but if you squint carefully at the close-up picture you may be able to make out what looks like a discontinuity in the feed; that’s the result of the shaped “grip area”.



Altogether, a comfortable pen with which to write, and as ECOnomical as its ancestor.  The TWSBI ECO-T is blue, and this blue only – and nothing else is going to be made in this colour. The TWSBI ECO-T fountain pen  is available with Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad and 1.1 Stub nibs.

Included in the box is a special tool which allows complete disassembly of the pen and a tub of lubrication grease for the moving parts.

We hope you liked our short TWSBI ECO-T review and we are pleased to be able to offer you the TWSBI ECO-T fountain pen to purchase online today at our website, or in person if you visit our store in Shrewsbury, in Shropshire, UK, where our helpful, friendly team would only be too happy to answer any questions you may have about this fabulous fountain pen. We can normally ship on-line orders on the same day, provided the order is placed before 3pm UK time.