TWSBI Jr. Pagoda Mechanical Pencil Review

At the time of writing, TWSBI Jr. Pagoda is the latest mechanical pencil from the popular Taiwanese pen manufacturer, TWSBI. It also happens to be one of the most affordable pencils we have on our website.

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Look and feel

As you would expect from TWSBI, the Pagoda pencil is a very well-designed writing instrument. Coming in three colours (‘marmalade’, blue and white) and in two lead sizes (0.5mm and 0.7mm), it’s a very attractive pencil, too.

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If you’re considering adding the Jr Pagoda to your collection, it’s important to note that note that:

– marmelade and white colours are only available in 0.5mm lead size; and

– blue is only available in 0.7mm lead size.

twsbi pencil sizes

The TWSBI Pagoda pencil has a hexagonal faceted barrel made of ABS plastic and benefits from a very comfortable rubber grip section. This is a mechanical pencil that will look great in any collection; all three colour variations work very well with the chrome trim – especially blue and marmalade.

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The TWSBI Jr. Pagoda pencil has a fixed sleeve, which means there’s absolutely no wobble as you write, and the writing experience is fantastic.  The click mechanism is also quite satisfying.

twsbi pagoda eraser

Under the pusher, you’ll find a small rubber eraser, which on removal reveals storage for spare leads. This will doubtless prove popular with people who want an all-in-one solution that helps reduce clutter and the need for spares storage.

twsbi pagoda pencil lead storage

The pencil feels very well balanced in the hand when writing or drawing and as we’ve already mentioned, there’s no play thanks to that fixed sleeve. The hexagonal barrel also means you won’t have to worry about the pencil rolling off the table – great peace of mind for collectors who want to keep their writing instruments in the best possible condition!

The rubberised grip section makes for a very comfortable experience when taking long notes or writing for extended periods. And I can speak from experience, too, having spent long periods with the Jr. Pagoda. Indeed, the review you’re reading now was originally written with the Pagoda before being typed up.


Length: 142.5mm

Diameter (cross flats): 9mm

Diameter (cross corners): 10mm

Weight: 12g


The TWSBI Jr. Pagoda mechanical pencil is the most affordable writing instrument currently manufactured by TWSBI. On our website, you’ll find it for just £3.70.


I really enjoyed my time with the Pagoda. It’s a quality mechanical pencil from a great brand, and priced at £3.70 really is a bargain.

There are very few negatives to point out, but it would be nice to see more colours in the range. Despite this, the current choice is fabulous, and we really like the marmalade and blue versions.

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