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The elegant, slender lines and gently flared top of the Yard-O-Led Perfecta Victorian Mechanical Pencil combine to produce a slim and delicate pencil with a lightweight and graceful silhouette that is evocative of early 19th century style.

Despite its delicate appearance, though, this pencil is no lightweight. At 25g, including the leads, it is still a presence in the hand, and a pleasure with which to write. The Yard-O-Led Pefecta Victorian pencil, in common with all Yard-O-Led's current output, is made of 92.5% sterling silver, as the Birmingham Assay Office's hallmarks on the body of the pencil testify.

Yard-O-Led have been making mechanical pencils (or propelling pencils, if you prefer) since the creation of the firm in 1934 to manufacture L F Brennen's patent design, which contained twelve 3" leads (adding up to one yard of lead) arranged within the barrel of the pencil so that, as one is used up, another drops into its place. The lead is extended by turning the flared top of the pencil. The company is now based in the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham (UK), not very far from the Assay Office, and are keen to keep their ascendancy in the luxury writing instrument market. To this end, their pencils are hand-made, and the 'Victorian' design on these pencils is hand-engraved, meaning that each pen or pencil is unique.

As well as the Assay marks, each Yard-O-Led Perfecta Victorian Mechanical Pencil has an individual number die-stamped into the top of the clip, a unique identifier for each Yard-O-Led product.

Write Here are pleased to offer Yard-O-Led's luxury pens and pencils to buy online, or in person from our shop in Shrewsbury, UK. We can supply most orders by return of post, provided we recieve the order before 3pm, UK time.

Dimensions - Yard-O-Led Perfecta Victorian Mechanical Pencil

Length: 133mm

Diameter (barrel): 8mm
Diameter (grip, mid-point): 5mm

Weight: 25g

Refills: Yard-O-Led pencil leads, in H, HB or B.

The pen is pictured on the cover of a PaperBlanks notebook, also available from Write Here in Shrewsbury