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Yard-O-Led Mechanical Pencil Refill - B

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A pack of twelve (12) Yard-O-Led Pencil Leads, in B , HB or H to re-fill any of Yard-O-Led's beautiful solid silver mechanical pencils.

Yard-O-Led customarily ship out their pencils with 12 three-inch HB leads (12 x 3" = 36", or a yard of lead), but if you prefer a softer, darker line B is for you.  If  a lighter line (and longer lasting lead) is what you are after, H are the leads of your choice.

Yard-O-Led was founded by Mr Brenner in 1934 to produce his patented propelling pencils - it was his idea to have twelve 3" leads in each pencil, so the company is still true to his vision - and after merger with Sampson Mordan Ltd (originally owned by the patent-holder for the first mechanical pencil) and Edward Baker Ltd, they are now based in the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham under the overall ownership of Imperial Yard.

The company are determined to be at the top of the luxury pencil market, a position they deserve from the solid silver Yard-O-Led "Shropshire" mechanical pencil shown in the second picture, above.

Yard-O-Led Mechanical pencil lead refill -- B

These refill leads are 1.18mm diameter and 76.2mm (3") in length.

Compatible with the Yard-O-Led:

  • Edwardian
  • Viceroy Standard
  • Perfecta
  • Diplomat