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Rembrandt pens and mechanical pencils are fantastic entry level writing instruments as an introduction to the Visconti range at reasonable prices. These luxury pens are made from a variegated natural resin in vibrant colours that capture the spirit of Rembrandt. The colours and the patterning used emulate Rembrandt’s painting technique, known as chiaroscuro, wherein a three-dimensional effect is created by the use of tonal contrasts. It should be noted that the different colours in the resin of the Visconti Rembrandt are allowed to mix naturally, so the patterning on each pen is completely unique.

The Visconti Rembrandt fountain pen range have nibs of stainless steel with the beautiful scroll-work pattern that is a feature of Visconti products. The section is metal-plated (in rose-gold, ruthenium or platinum to match the resin colours), providing a smooth and comfortable grip that gives an excellent writing experience. The cap has a band that features etchings inspired by Rembrandt’s work and a reproduction of the artist’s signature; as with all this manufacturer’s fountain pens, the cap’s finial (which, as delivered, features the Visconti logo) is held in place magnetically, and can be replaced by a finial of your choice from the Visconti “My Pen” system. Those who write with the cap un-posted will notice that the polished metallic bottom finial, also in platinum, ruthenium or rose-gold to match the other appointments. These pens are come as cartridge pens, but Visconti converters are provided.

As with the fountain pens, the Visconti Rembrandt rollerball pen range provides luxury at a reasonable price. Again, the section is plated in a metal that matches the pen’s resin colours, providing a comfortable grip. The roller tip is manufacture for Visconti by Schmidt and provides a smooth and even flow of ink to the paper, requiring very little pressure to start. As with the fountain pen, this eco-roller can be fitted with a converter. Re-filling of the converter can be accomplished direct, or through the nib.

Both the fountain pen and the rollerball have a handy magnetic closure that pulls the cap towards the body of the pen before you give it that final “click”.

Whilst the Visconti Rembrandt ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil are un-capped, they instead feature the decorated Rembrandt signature and pictorial elements as a waistband instead of a as cap band. Again, their appointments are in platinum, rose-gold or ruthenium to match the colour scheme of the resins, and, again, the mixture of the resin colours are unique to each writing instrument. The ballpoint pen is deployed with a twist action, and the tip is unusually smooth, providing a sensation that is akin to writing with a rollerball. The refills are a standard size, so there is a wide range of alternatives available to the user. The Visconti Rembrandt mechanical pencil again features a twist deployment, and uses 0.7mm leads

The appointments and finish of all these writing instruments – particularly the use of Rembrandt’s signature on the mid-bands, and the unique mix of chiaroscuro resins – suggest an opulence not usually found in this price range. Visconti Rembrandt writing instruments are made in Italy, so it is natural that the clip design is inspired by the Ponte Vecchio bridge. Each of these writing instruments come a sprung clam-shell presentation box with a velvety lining, also including a copy of the Visconti booklet.

Overall, the Visconti Rembrandt range provides a group of luxurious writing instruments at a very reasonable price.