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The Visconti Mirage is a new range of fountain and rollerballs introduced in late June 2018. The pens feature a new cross-section and a criss-cross pattern of lines that give the pen a shimmering, iridescent effect as it is moved. Visconti say that “a mirage is a step ahead [of art] even its name declares that art is also a wonderful illusion, not just an imitation, that beauty can be a mirage, of which we can enjoy.”

Both the Visconti Mirage rollerball and fountain pens are made of vari-colour resin and have palladium trim. They have the usual “My Pen” system that allows the replacement of the Visconti badge with the lucky owner’s initials, but in this case on the pen’s barrel finial, rather than on the top of the cap.

Visconti use an historical quote Marcel Duchamp when they talk about their new pen, when he said, “Let’s enjoy the beauty of the mirage, because this is what remains to us.”