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The Mirage fountain pen is made of an opalescent resin giving great depth and movement to the reflective surface of the pen, producing a shimmering effect akin to that of a mirage on a hot day.

Available in a selection of colours, the Visconti Mirage Fountain Pen is made from a tough and durable resin that is in varied shades of the base colour, and features palladium-plated trim, including a wide cap band that continues the criss-cross-line feature. The clip is not the "Ponte Vecchio" style used in so many of Visconti's mid-range pens, but a new design that features a bar that cuts across the top of the cap. As a result, the Visconti "My Pen" system that allows you to replace the Visconti button with your own initials is on the end of the pen barrel, rather than (as is more usual) on the top of the cap.

As medium-range pens go, this is a fantastic option from Visconti, and features the new high quality A66 steel small nib, available in Fine, Medium and Broad. The Visconti Mirage fountain pen has a magnetic cap lock system.


Measurements: Visconti Mirage Fountain Pen

Length - pen only: 124mm
Length - closed: 140mm
Length - posted: 160mm

Diameter - barrel (across curved faces): 14mm
Diameter - barrel (across flat faces): 12.5mm
Diameter - section (mid-point): 10mm

Weight - complete: 40g
Weight - pen: 24g
Weight - cap: 16g