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The Visconti Homo Sapiens Pen is one of the best to appear on the market in the past ten years. Made from volcano pumice found at Mount Etna, and mixed with resin, the material is striking to look at and incredibly pleasing once in the hand.

The Visconti Homo Sapiens fountain pen is made in Italy, and features Visconti’s signature arched bridge pocket clip, making it instantly recognisable to anyone who is aware of this timeless brand. The cap uses Visconti’s innovative cantilever bayonet system to secure the cap in place.

These pens also work with the Visconti ‘MyPen’ system, which allows Visconti pens to be personalised inasmuch as you can replace the Visconti logo with your initials.

The Visconti Homo Sapiens 23 carat Palladium “Dreamtouch” nib is a pure pleasure to use, and a revelation if you’re lucky enough to encounter it for the first time. The “Powerfiller” plunger filling system is highly effective, especially when combined with the Universal Inkwell.

The Visconti Homo Sapiens fountain pen is a great addition to any collection, and comes in a number of different models, Visconti Homo Sapiens rollerballs and, with some models, ballpoint pens.

The Bronze and Dark Age pens are made from lava that can be found at Mount Etna in Sicily. The lava stone is ground and then mixed with more modern resins to ensure these extraordinary pens are made from material that is near indestructible. This incredible manufacturing process results in a finish that is warm in the hand, soft and very dry to the touch, thanks to a material that is slightly hygroscopic. Despite the innovative manufacturing process, timeless design and brilliantly functional end product, those who ask “How much does Visconti Homo Sapiens cost?” are often surprised by what turns out to be an affordable premium pen brand.

As you’ll doubtless have seen in one of Visconti Homo Sapiens reviews, these pens are available in the classic Bronze finish or Dark Ages Ruthenium as an oversize fountain pen, rollerball or ballpoint.