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The Montegrappa Ducale Murano Mare draws its inspiration from the famous Doge’s Palace, an unmistakable symbol of the city of Venice. The link with Doge’s Palace in Venice tells you all you need to know about this Italian-made writing instrument.

Made from resin with a stainless still trim, this fountain pen should sit among the collection of any pen enthusiast or writing professional. The Ducale brand made its first appearance way back in the 1930s, where it marked the high-end pens of the Elmo line. Write Here has been a UK supplier of Montegrappa writing instruments since 2004, and in that time we’ve gained a significant amount of knowledge about this wonderful Italian brand.

If you’ve wanted to add the Montegrappa Ducale Murano Mare Fountain Pen to your collection for some time, you’ve come to the right place. You can either shop conveniently online or visit us in Shrewsbury, where you can get your hands on a Montegrappa Ducale Murano, feel its superior build quality, and ask us any questions you may have. As you might expect from its appearance, the Montegrappa Ducale Murano Mare Fountain Pen celebrates Venice’s close links with the sea. It is available in nib sizes of F, M and B.

Details - Montegrappa Ducale Murano Mare Fountain Pen

Length (capped): 143mm
Length (pen only): 127mm
Length (posted): 177mm

Diameter (cap band): 15mm
Diameter (barrel): 13mm
Diameter (section): 10mm

Weight (complete, with converter): 40g
Weight (pen, ditto): 19g
Weight (cap): 21g

Refill: Bottled ink, using the supplied screw-action pump converter, or Montegrappa cartridges.