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In 2016 OMAS shut down, the end of one of Italy’s great pen companies. Fortunately, much of the beautiful materials for which OMAS were so justly famed, were obtaioned by what is now the Armando Simoni Club, named for the founder of OMAS: Oficina Meccanica Armando Simoni.

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Like Armado Simoni, the founder of ASC Emmanuel Caltagirone, believes a fountain pen must be both functional and beautiful.

Born in Paris to a family of makers of writing instruments, his future was bound up in fountain pens.

Nicolas Caltagirone, his father, is well-known in the pen worls, the figure behind Waterman and Cartier.. When OMAS went into receivership,Emmanuel knew it had something other pen makers covet – beautiful and rare celluloid material. ASC continues to stretch the boundaries where beauty and tradition intersect. Creating connections from one generation to the next. Such is the legacy of Armando Simoni Club.