Yard-O-Led Viceroy Standard Plain Fountain Pen

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Yard-O-Led Viceroy Standard Plain Fountain Penis made from Sterling Silver by highly skilled craftsmen and women in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham.

Unashamedly luxurious, the pen has an 18ct gold nib and uses the convenient cartridge / converter filling system.

Luxury, heritage and superb writing – a perfect pen!

Measurements Length 139mm Width 10mm Weight 32g Yard-O-Led are Britain's leading producers of solid silver writing instruments. From their factory in Birmingham's Jewelry Quarter they produce a range of exquisite, hand crafted pens and pencils. Pens are finished to a polished and flawless plain finish, the practical Barleycorn guilloche pattern beloved of pen makers and, at the top of the range, the superb "Victorian" pattern, hand engraved on each pen. Our video shows this process - you'll understand why the Victorian costs a few pounds more, and why every one is unique. Yard-O-Led was founded in London, England in 1934 by a Mr Brenner to produce his patented propelling pencils which contained twelve three inch leads (that is to say, 36 inches or a yard of lead). After the Second World War the company merged with Sampson Mordan Ltd whose founder had patented the first mechanical pencil in 1822. They built a new factory in Birmingham and took over Edward Baker Ltd, another pencil maker. The owners of the company since 2015, Imperial Yard, are determined to put the brand at the top of the British Luxury Pen market again and, equally important, to maintain the heritage of British craftsmanship handed down to them.