Yard-O-Led Viceroy Pocket Victorian Fountain Pen



The YardO-Led Viceroy Pocket Victorian fountain pen is the epitome of Yard-O-Led quality and design, a collection to suit all writing styles. The petite size of this pen makes it a delight to look at, especially when compared with its Viceroy Grand cousin. Its size and sheer neatness makes it something you want to hold.

The intricate patterning of the cap and nib of the Yard O Led Viceroy Pocket Victorian is all hand-formed by Yard-O-Led’s craftsmen and women in their factory in the Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, so each pen, though conforming to an over-all design, will have its own individual pattern markings. Each pen is hallmarked as 92.5% sterling silver, and every quality writing instrument produced by Yard O Led is die-stamped with its unique serial number.

The Yard O Led Viceroy Pocket fountain pen will probably need to be used with the cap posted whilst writing, but its petite nature when capped makes it ideal for slipping neatly into a pocket or for use during travel. This pen is available with a Medium nib only, and cannot use a converter like its larger cousins.

Measurements: Yard-O-Led Viceroy Pocket Victorian Fountain Pen

Length (closed): 110mm Length (pen only): 95mm Length (posted): 129mm

Diameter (barrel): 10mm Diameter (section): 10mm

Weight (complete): 26g Weight (pen only): 18g Weight (cap): 8g

Refills: Cartridge