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The Yard-O-Led Shropshire Mechanical Pencil is made of 92.5% sterling silver and celebrates Britains largest and most beautiful inland county. The pencil features a distinctive pinstripe etching cut through by two chevrons, derived from Shropshire's heraldic shield of arms (see the picture included in 'More Views'). Slim and sophisticated, as is so much of Shropshire, the Yard O Led Shropshire Mechanical Pencil is the perfect acquisition for all who know and love this historic county, and will be a gift - whether to others, or to yourself - that will give pleasure for years to come.

Despite being slim, this pencil is no light-weight, because its silver construction means that it weighs a luxurious 25g - heavier than many fountain pens. It follows L F Brennen's patent, and the history of Yard-O-Led, inasmuch as it holds twelve leads each three inches long (hence "Yard of Lead") so that as one lead is used up, another drops into its place. This is a twist-action pencil, and the lead is advanced by turning its top.

This pencil, and the ballpoint pen to match, are hand-made and hand-engraved at Yard O Led's factory in the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham (UK), and hallmarked at the Birmingham Assay Office, just round the corner. In addition, every one of Yard-O-Led's writing implements are die-stamped with a unique identifying number.

Because we are in Shropshire, we at Write Here are very proud to offer you the Yard-O-Led Shropshire mechanical pencil to buy online, or in person from our shop on the High Street in Shrewsbury (UK), Shropshire's beautiful county town, where we can also show you other examples of Yard-O-Led's range.

Dimensions - Yard-O-Led Shropshire Mechanical Pencil

Length: 127.5mm

Diameter (barrel): 8mm
Diameter (section mid-point): 5mm

Weight (filled): 25g

Refills: Yard-O-Led pencil refill packs available in H, HB and B from Write Here.